Personalised Bedtime Book

Make memories with sweet dreams.

Want your young one to sleep soundly? Or perhaps you want to initiate a cuddly countdown? Either way, bedtime stories are rites of passage for both parents and children alike. Our personalised bedtime books will help you and your little one bond in those late hours. This fantastic selection is sure to be a treat for any young reader and will see they reach the land of Nod in no time.

Personalised bedtime books are a go-to-gift if you want to show your child how special they are. It’s always lovely to hear your name spoken aloud – let alone when it's because you've become part of the story! With our personalised range, you can do just that. If kept a surprise, you can even watch the joy in their face as they realise they’re involved in the story before them.

Bedtime books also act as a great means of solidifying a bedtime routine. Plus, personalised content offers a comforting sense of familiarity. When your child is involved in the story itself, they can envision themselves on an adventure. Alongside the colourful imagery, the inclusion of their name helps hold their attention.

With a cuddly countdown ticking down to the land of Nod, stories can make for a special moment to look forward to. Weave your little one into the action and prime them for dreaming of such amazing adventures. Within our range, there’s also space for a personalised message and optional photo too. You can use this space to have something special inscribed that will be in print for years to come. Perhaps the book could make a surprise appearance on their eighteenth birthday? That’s sure to get the waterworks going!

Features of Our Bedtime Books*:
  • Soft or Hard Back
  • Personalised Front Cover
  • Personalised Story
  • Personal Message Inside
  • Optional Photo Within Book
*Features vary per book


At DreamLife, we offer memorable keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. Unique products offer more sentimental value than something readily available on the shelves. Through personalisation, you can show that you really put thought into their gift. Let your little one feel special with a thoughtful and unique gift today. We offer 100% guaranteed quality with fast shipping and plenty of interactivity. Plus, when you join our tribe, you can get 10% off your first order!


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