Personalised Books for Boys

At DreamLife, our goal is to create personalised books for boys that they’d be proud to give and love to receive. These bespoke gifts are something that the whole family will enjoy. Inflate your boy’s imagination and watch as they parade through the pages.

Cast your boy as the star of their very own personalised book!

When you include your child in the heart of the story, you create a unique introduction to the world of fiction. This can be particularly memorable if your little ones are still learning to read. After all, how quickly are they going to forget a book starring themselves?

Personalised Books for Boys


Our Personalised Books for Boys

Through personalisation, you can place your loved one right into the heart of the story. Have them play out adventures in modern classics and fabulous fables with our stunning range for boys of all ages below. There are so many ways to make your gift just that extra bit personal. You can add your boy’s name to the cover and within the text – and you can even adapt the artwork inside some of the books. Plus, you can add a special message just for them on the title page. These messages are a wonderful way to let your loved ones know that you’ve put in the extra effort for them on their special day.


Board Books for Boys

We cater to developing minds and create many books for boys. Personalising your young one's literature can be fun for all the family. After all, some of the best boys books are the ones that inspire and instil a sense of adventure – and that's just what ours do. Whilst 1-year-olds are a bit young for reading, these books are lovingly illustrated. They also offer educational fun through the associations of shapes and colours. Our range features your loved one alongside colourful depictions of friendly animals or talking trains. We can even pair them with Marvel superheroes or Pixar characters!


Disney Books for Boys

We create and print bespoke books of Disney’s stand out titles. From the benchmark masterpieces, right through to the modern gems. These beautiful, fully illustrated books recount the everlasting tales we’ve grown to adore. Find Nemo, Marlin and Dory at the Great Barrier Reef. Or touch down with Buzz and Woody at Andy’s as they play out their very own Toy Story. Ideal for birthdays or Christmases, personalised Disney books are sure to raise a smile.


Educational Books for Boys

Whether it be their ABCs, shapes, colours or sing-along books – we have a surplus of educational material for boys of all ages. Are yours a trifle too old to learn about the wheels on the bus? Then maybe you should introduce them to the Awful Egyptians or the Terrifying Tudors? No? Then perhaps they’d prefer the Measly Middle Ages or the Rotten Romans! We have an incredible Horrible Histories collection with stunning options for personalisation. Whatever their age, our wonderful range of educational books encourage a love of reading.


Family Favourite Books for Boys

Once upon a time, folktales and fairy tales enchanted children. Now, DreamLife’s personalised fairy tale books let your little ones live out their own fables! Foster thriving imaginations by placing your boy into the heart of the story. Our family favourites encapsulate the crucial morals that all young boys should learn. They range from respecting the privacy and property of others (Goldilocks and the Three Bears) to making the most of life’s opportunities (Jack and the Beanstalk). Well-loved fairy tales do this in such a way that inspires creativity and wonder. Yet they also subtly explain to children how to act in a civilised society.


Beano Books for Boys

The beloved Beano has been making boys laugh for over 80 years in the world’s longest running (and record breaking) weekly comic. Give your boys a blast from the past with our stunning range of Personalised Beano Annuals – dating all the way back to the 1940s! Featuring anarchic favourites like Dennis the Menace, the Bash Street Kids and Roger the Dodger, your boys won’t know what hit their funny bone! In fact, these pages are filled with the funniest jokes and the naughtiest antics – that have kept THOUSANDS of boys giggling for decades.


Quiz & Puzzle Books for Boys

A brilliant gift for the boy who loves training their brain. These personalised quiz and puzzle books are quite versatile. Give them as a Pick Me Up present, a get well soon gift or are even for good ol' birthdays or Christmases. Get your little one tucked in and cosy with a hot chocolate and a bickie or two.


Football Books for Boys

Let them become the man of the match with their very own football book. Each book includes the club's big matches, promotions, significant events, and important signings. Let them rub shoulders with their heroes as they delve into the history of their favourite team. Hit the back of the net with these stunning story books. They would be perfect for any special occasion or ‘just because’ and are sure to be a surprise for any age. Amaze and surprise boys with an encyclopaedic history of the team they idolise.


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At DreamLife, we offer memorable keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. Based in the UK, our personalised books will make a great addition to your loved one's library. Customisable products offer more sentimental value than something readily available on shelves. Through personalisation, you can show that you really put thought into their gift. Watch their eyes light up as they spot their name on the cover. Our personalised books also let you add a special message to the title page, making your gift even more perfect.

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