Personalised Books for Girls

Treat the princess in your life with these practically perfect personalised books for girls!

Books are a gateway that can transport your little ones to exciting lands of make-believe. To fantastic worlds where magic is real and their adventurous nature knows no bounds. Our stunning collection features a range of timeless classics, including:

  • Board Books
  • Disney Range
  • Educational Books
  • Family Favourites
  • Beano Annuals
  • I’d Rather be . . .
  • Quiz & Crosswords
  • Football Favourites


Our Personalised Books for Girls

Personalisation adds a unique dimension to fictional and non-fiction books. We believe personalisation is more than enough to captivate your little girl and spark an interest in reading. Such a moment can have many positive effects, such as aiding with their reading comprehension and written expression.

But what exactly can you do?

You can add your girl’s name to the cover and within the text – and you can even adapt the artwork inside some of the books. Plus, you can include a special message just for them on the title page. These messages are a wonderful way to let your loved ones know that you’ve put in the extra effort for them on their special day.

In each of these heart-warming tales, princesses prance off the page, footballers fight for their team and fairy tales frolic in the lands of faraway!

These personalised books for girls make a great addition to their library. Through relatable characters and inspiring storylines, she can play out a broad range of narratives on a personable level. Each story focuses on familiar friendships and explores the true value of its protagonist’s enduring spirit. The educational and quiz books can prove challenging but are ultimately a thoroughly rewarding read. 

Board Books for Girls

Personalising your little one’s literature can be great fun for all the family. Whilst 1-year-olds are a wee bit young for reading, these books are lovingly illustrated. They offer a variety of educational fun through colourful depictions of friendly animals or talking trains.

Disney Books for Girls

Although Disney Princesses are one of a kind, all possess positive values. These include compassion, determination and strength. Such traits are the perfect things to sleep on and a wonderful way of inspiring your girls to dream. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes!

Educational Books for Girls

Whether it be their ABCs, shapes, colours or sing-along books – we have a surplus of educational material for girls of all ages. Are yours a trifle too old for this? Then maybe you should introduce them to the Measly Middle Ages or the Rotten Romans!

Family Favourite Books for Girls

Once upon a time, folktales and fairy tales captivated all manner of child. Now, our personalised books for girls and boys will let your little ones live out their own fables! Our family favourites encapsulate crucial morals, creativity and wonder.

Beano Books for Girls

Known as the world’s longest-running (and record-breaking) weekly comic, the Beano is brimming with the funniest jokes and the naughtiest antics. Featuring favourites like Dennis the Menace and Roger the Dodger – your girl won’t know what hit her funny bone!

Quiz & Puzzle Books for Girls

“She didn’t realise she was addicted to crosswords but when she looked back, all the clues were there!” Crammed full of conundrums, these books will have your girl scratching their head. Tuck your little one in and get her cosy with a hot chocolate and a bickie or two.

Football Books for Girls

Goooaaal! Hit the back of the net with these fab football books. Each one includes the club’s big matches, promotions, significant events, and important signings. If your girl’s a wee footie fan then why not surprise her with an encyclopaedic history of the team she idolises?


At DreamLife, we aim to create personalised books for girls and boys that they’d be proud to give and love to receive. We believe that any item from our range would make for a perfect Birthday or Christmas present. They could even make for a lovely thank you present for a bridesmaid. We’d go as far as to say the possibilities are endless!

Due to their bespoke nature, most personalised books are delivered within 7 days. We guarantee 100% quality with our A+ rated products. Our secure shipping means that your favourite princesses are never more than a page away. Better yet, you can add your loved one's name throughout the journey. The recipient’s name can be added to the front cover, with a personalised message within. These books make for perfect bedtime reading to lift your loved ones into the land of Nod.

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At DreamLife, we offer memorable keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. Based in the UK, our personalised books will make a great addition to your loved one's library. Customisable products offer more sentimental value than something readily available on shelves. Through personalisation, you can show that you really put thought into their gift. Watch their eyes light up as they spot their name on the cover. Our personalised books also let you add a special message to the title page, making your gift even more perfect.

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