Personalised Reading Books

Watch their eyes light up as they peruse the pages of our personalised reading books.

There’s no denying that young children get a thrill from seeing their name or photograph of themselves in print. Personalised reading books excite children and help them to jump into a story without any reservations. Through recognising the personalised aspects surrounding the story, they forge a strong bond with the book. It’s this resilient connection that helps create young readers and the leaders of tomorrow.

Personalised Reading Books

We make unique and personalised reading books for adults or children.

At DreamLife, we provide a great range of reading books and other styles that you can personalise to create that perfect present. When you add a dedication and a personal message, you send them a message of love that will last in their heart forever. A quality personalised book can be a lovely keepsake and we create gifts that are truly unique and special for that impeccable person in your life.

Create memories that last long after the book has been shut and put away – making them reach out for it again and again.

When you order a personalised book, you’re not just getting a book. You’re getting an experience that everyone in the family will love. With so many reading

books out there today, a personalised book will stand the test of time.

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Books where dreams are made.

At DreamLife, we offer memorable keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. Based in the UK, our personalised books will make a great addition to your loved one's library. Customisable products offer more sentimental value than something readily available on shelves. Through personalisation, you can show that you really put thought into their gift. Watch their eyes light up as they spot their name on the cover. Our personalised books also let you add a special message to the title page, making your gift even more perfect.

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